About Us


Today business prospects have changed and at every level of business investor is losing due to lack of margin and customer is losing due to price hike with quality deterioration of product. Everyone need to be happy with their role in ice cream or frozen dessert industry but what is preventing them to do so - Raw Material. If a business can get perfect raw material at perfect price then they will always try to provide best quality product to customers with geniune pricing. Here comes Creamix as a good quality raw material sourcing company with good pricing and healthy option.

 We have seen ice creams and frozen desserts are always kept in a parameter of junk and unhealthy food categories. We were never agreed to such division and wanted to categorised these products in healthy and compulsory part of your daily consumption as per its nutritional value.

What We Do

We are picking up best ingredients from all around the corner and preparing a perfect blend of premixes for commercial usage. Every product is based out of experience and competitive products available in market. We always keep in our mind what kind of taste and texture customers like and accoringly we have created our products.

One most important point we have kept in our mind that every product should be easy to prepare and raw material should be easy to store. If you have easy handling of raw material with non dependancy on staff for preperation then it will be best way to run your product operations.

The Company

We are located at heart and best commercial city of India i.e. Delhi. All facilities to transportation and services are easy to handle through available sources.

Product Value

For us value of product is where a business is capable to run in profit. A businessman needs to earn profits after his investment and we value our products as maximum foodcost level at 30% of net sales.

For consumers our product value is health benefits achievement through our products. A consumer should feel the nutritional value so that he can be regular for us.